Sliding Gate Operator Sun-U carries a large selection of Sliding Gate Operators/ Sliding Gate Motors :1/2HP, 1HP, DMG2000, DMG3000

  1. All the transmission products made by our company have oil seal devices in the open structure to avoid the lube oil from leaking out, which deserve a high precision and stability.
  2. Increasing the structure of worm gear, it has more benefit high turning transmission. Adopt by high lubrication, low noise, low wear and tear, and no need to change oil.
  3. The shaft of power is adopted double round button to the motor heat while exposed by sun. The heat will expel from the equipment.
  4. The motor has been equipped with temperature control devices to increase motor’s endurance on normal operation. There is no need to install fuse on it, very convenient and safe maintaining with.


  • DMA


    DMA Sliding Gate Operator: Rack Type, Chain Type, Row Chain Type
  • DMG


    DMG Heavy-duty Sliding Gate Operator DMG2000/DMG3000 Especially powerful motor in 2000 to 3000 horsepower. Suitable for large and heavy door.
  • Accessories


    Sliding Gate Operator Accessories:   AC Driver Frequency Converter Stainless H wheel(3“,3½“) Safety Edge, Soft Start Twin Photoelectric Beam Sensors ST Stopper Chain Regulator Iron Stopper Driving Wheel Driving Gear Reinforced Plastic Stopper Rack Chain ST-Outer Case
  • DMB


    DMB Sliding Gate Operator: Rack Type, Chain Type DMB Sliding Gate Operator feature: 1  DMB Sliding Gate Operator's wide is around 200mm, it's great for limited place 2  Shift the gear feature:Easily Shift the gear between electric and manual, more convenient 3  Anti-theft feature:With key set, safer than traditional sliding gate operator All series are Electric Worm gear reducer, increasing…