History Pai-Hong


Pai-Hong Roll Up Door Co, Ltd is founded in Taichung, Taiwan. Our mission is to exceed clients’ expectation every single time. We focus on developing various machinic designs, dedicated to offer safer, better, and prettier products. We not only produce standard products, we seek more industrial mutual collaboration opportunity. And welcome every industry partner to contact us

Pai-Hong is established in 1990. We were first focusing on solving garage problems for households, then we invested in roller shutter operators and sliding gate operators. We also expanded our production line to maximize our capability. 

歷史沿革 百鴻捲門

In recent year, we developed a research & development team, mutually collaborating with garage industry partners. Most of our products are patented by the country administration, so customers can use our products without hesitation. 

Pai-Hong also takes great responsibility on quality control. We are certified to ISO 9001 since 2007, that makes us the reliable supplier you are looking for. 

歷史沿革 百鴻捲門

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