Sun-U Garage Door Accessories. WIFI Smart Control, Safety Accessories, Button Pad, UPS, Control Box, Installation Parts, Emergency Power.

  • Safety


    Safety Garage Door Accessories: light curtain, Safety Edge, Infrared Safety Edge,Make Your Garage Safer.
  • Button Pad

    Button Pad

    LED Button Pad: Beauty, New Fashion and space-efficient.
  • UPS


    UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) can provides emergency power to garage door when the input power source or mains power fails.
  • Control Box

    Control Box

    Control Box for garage door. When the roller door is in operation,it will Auto-Reverse & Stop if it encounters resistance, ensuring human, vehicular safety.
  • Installation Parts

    Installation Parts

    Installation parts for garage door. DC24V Motor, Installation Bracket, Parts-Fully Equipped.
  • Emergency Power

    Emergency Power

    Emergency Power. When loss of normal power supply, an emergency power system provides independent source of electrical power for garage door.
  • WIFI Smart Control

    WIFI Smart Control

    WIFI Smart control Full HD WIFI Cloud Garage Camera180˚ View and Door Controller. It is a cloud camera for garages that can connect to a garage door motor to control the door.