Roller shutter operator: Optimal for residential, commercial and industrial use

Specifications : 300, 400, 500, 500 Oil Bath, 600, 700, 1000, 2000 Custom type, High frequency usage, Extremely high cycle, Fire-rated operator(with auto-closing)

Our Strength of Roller shutter operator:

  • Protective Fuse: Protect the operator from incorrect or unstable power source
  • Hand Chain: Operators include the hand chain to easy manual operation in safety or power outage.
  • Disc Brake Design: The reliable and accurate brake system, which can rise up the mechanical ability, ensures the timely stop for door with any kind of loading capacity.
  • Thermal Cut-Off Switch: Our motor is with the thermal switch, which cut off the power while the motor coil is over-heat, and auto-reset while  the recover at normal temperature to prevent possible damages.
  • Planetary Gear Design: Planetary Gear Design is applied in the series which can load more than 600KG operators. This design could divert the stress averagely on every gear, and upgrade the effectiveness of motor optput.
  • Light-duty


    Light-duty roller shutter operator: 300, 400, 500, 500 Oil Bath Optimal for residential, commercial use.
  • Heavy-duty


    Heavy-Duty roller shutter operator: 600, 700, 1000 ,2000.
  • High-cycle


    High-cycle Roller Shutter Operator: The controller has a current protection function Inverter Motor, Smart control system Traveling speed can be adjusted by the controller, and soft start Oil bath lubrication reducer, increase the size of the brake coil Motor housing with blade cooking control loop is DC24V
  • High-frequent use

    High-frequent use

    High-frequent use Operator: Inverter motor control system Motor housing with heat sink Adjust door speed function Soft start function, increase gear life Oil-bath reducer increase durability
  • Fire Roller Operator

    Fire Roller Operator

    Fire Roller Operator: SF-A, SF-D, SF-C SF-A Applicable Model: 300, 500, 600, 700, 1000KG SF-D Applicable Model: 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 1000KG SF-C Applicable Model: 300, 500, 600, 700, 1000KG
  • Sprocket Set

    Sprocket Set

    Sprocket Set: Basic Sprocket Set Insert Type for Quick Coupling Chain Break Device Two Way Sprocket
  • Parts


    Roller Shutter Operator Parts: Centrifuge Plate 300~1HP Silicone Brake Lining Limit Switch Electromagnetic Switch Capacitor Brake Coil